tell me something really real

July 16th, 2016
Cabaret Voltaire

Tell me something you fear, something printed in your body memory.
Anything you try to hide but that sticks to you like a shadow.
Forget all what you wanted to explain, there are no excuses and no improvisation.
I have been a pretender during all this years, only to put a spell on you.
And now that the game is over that the players are gone, it is only you and me,
so please, tell me something really real.

This performance is about an artist telling only the truth under the control of a lie detector.
30 minutes of suspense or sincerity with the collaboration and expertise of a lying detector specialist.

with the support of:
Leila Amacker, Anne Marie Brand, Romain Frezza,
Gianni Motti, Fabio Parizzi, Simon Senn,

==>>and the specialists

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